References of Ecolabel Partnership

Report on the application of the criterion concerning the need for a permit under the adjoining properties law in the environmental permit procedure. Assessment of regulatory alternatives. MoE of Finland 2016.

Development of the Extended Producer’s Responsibility system in Finland. Ecolabel was responsible of the assessment of the reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and policy instruments for promoting reuse. Pirkanmaa Regional environmental centre, Finland 2016.

Regulatory impact assessment of proposed changes in the mandate of municipalities in arranging municipal solid waste management. Ecolabel in partnership with Finnish Consulting Group. MoE of Finland 2015-2016.

Summary of Finnish environmental and safety legislation for auditing the environmental management system of a client in Finland. Applus Norcontrol 2015.

Editing waste management instructions for the building and demolition sector. Waste management instructions for Infrastructure projects. Finnish Building Information Ltd. 2014-2015

EnvironmentalManagement Support Programme. Lao PDR. Assisting the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) in drafting legislation on hazardous waste management and emission loads, compiling an industrial hazardous waste estimate and drafting a hazardous waste management road map. 2 months in 2014. MfA of Finland.

Material efficiency of industrial chemicals use. Study of industrial chemical wastes and the evaluation of selected
policy instruments in promoting the prevention and recycling of chemical waste. Study in partnership with Hermai
Services financed by the Ministry of Environment of Finland. 2013 -2014.

“Eco-home project”. Development of energy efficiency services for single houses and policy instruments for promoting

energy efficiency of households. Joint project with several partners coordinated by Finnish Environment Institute with
MoE financing. 2013-2014.

Producing an inception report and implementation plan for a UNDP / UNEP Partnership Initiative for the Integration of Sound Management of Chemicals in Development Planning and Processes in Vietnam. 0,5 months in 2012. UNDP. Raimo Lilja contracted as individual

Preparing a methodological guide for hazardous waste inventories. 1.5 man months. Commissioned by the Secretariat for the Basel Convention (UNEP). 2012. Raimo Lilja contracted as individual.

Pre-feasibility and screening study of ideas related to waste recycling and use of secondary raw materials. 2 man-months. Together with Finnish Consulting Group. 2012. Ministry for the Environment of Finland.

Overview of facilities for treatment and destruction of organic hazardous waste in the Barents and Baltic Sea region countries. 2-3 man-months. 2012. Together with Virebit Ltd. Klima og forurensningsdirektoratet (Climate and Pollution Agency), Norway

Environmental Management Support Programme. Laos. Preparing guidelines for environmental self-monitoring in

industry. 4 months in 2012-2014. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland/Finnish Environment Institute.

Team leader. Project preparation mission for the completion phase of Strengthening of Environmental Administration and Management at the Local Level in Nepal (SEAM), Nepal. 8 weeks in 2011. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

International special advisor for the Regional Waste Management Project RWMP in Biratnagar, Nepal. FCG/MFA of Finland. 5 weeks mission in October-November 2010. Intermittent inputs of 2-3 months per year during 2011-2012.

Project appraisal and support in 2010 in preparing project document for the Regional Basel Convention Centre in Pretoria (Africa Institute), South Africa. Preparation of a project document forsupporting the English speaking African countries in hazardous waste management and control of trans-boundary movements of hazardous wastes. MfA of Finland.

Appraisal and support in 2010 in preparing project document for the Regional Basel Convention Centre in Cairo, Egypt.
Planning of activities for supporting the Arab Countries in hazardous waste management and control of trans-boundary movements of hazardous wastes. MfA of Finland.

Study of policy instruments for promoting material efficiency and waste prevention in the construction sector. Finnish Consulting Group FCG / MoE of Finland 2010.

Preparation of guidelines for promoting material efficiency in environmental permits. Finnish Environment Institute/ MoE of Finland, 2009-2010.

Project appraisal and preparation of project document for Strengthening of environmental management project. Nepal. 6 weeks in 2009. MfA of Finland.

Project preparation mission for a regional solid waste management project in Biratnagar-Dharan region. Nepal. 2 weeks in 2009. FCG/MfA of Finland.

Regional policy instruments for promoting material efficiency.

Ministry for the Environment of Finland 2008-9.

Food waste from retail shops – economic and environmental impacts of the regulatory alternatives. Ministry of social affairs and health 2008.

Pre-feasibility study for a hazardous waste management strategy for Cairo, Egypt. Assessment of HW generation, conceptual technical design, assessment of institutional capacity. 4 weeks in 2008. Ramboll International/MFA of Finland.

Assistance in preparing the Regional Integrated Waste Management Plan for the North-West Province, South Africa. Drafting of the municipal waste management annual reporting system for the Province. 3 weeks. Finnish Environment Institute/ MFA of Finland 2007.

Planning of regional waste management project for the Biratnagar-Dharan industrial corridor, Nepal. Finnish Environment Institute/ MFA of Finland 2007. 3 man-months.

Baseline study of municipal waste management in Petrozavodsk including inspection and permitting. 2 weeks. Pöyry international/ NEFCO 2007.

EcoStart – environmental management in SMEs. Consultancy funded by the Regional Technology
Centre of Southern Savo. Raimo Lilja/Ecolabel Partnership was chosen as one of the consultants for implementing a scheme of developing environmental management systems for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Raimo Lilja has implemented the EcoStart scheme in 7 enterprises. Raimo Lilja has also acted as an auditor of EcoStart-projects conducted by other consultants. Regional Technology Centre of Southern Savo 2007…2013.

Voluntary agreements in promoting material efficiency. Finnish Environment Institute/ MoE of Finland 2007.

Training module for project planning. Raimo Lilja designed a training module and conducted a training at the South Savo Vocational College Development Center (ESEDU) in using the Logical Framework Approach in project planning. ESEDU 2007.

Short term expert for Hazardous Waste Management project in Alexandria, Egypt. Soil and Water Ltd./MFA of Finland 2004-2005. 2 man-months.

Phase-out period of the Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project 1.3.-30.6.2004. Soil and Water Ltd./MofA of Finland. 2 man-months.

Consultant in institutional capacity building and hazardous waste strategy. Drafting HW legislation for Albania. / FCG

Plancenter Ltd./ EU CARDS program 2004. 2 man-months.